Maryam Lamei

Visual Artist


She was born in 1985 in Iran. She managed to gain the national emblem in 2015. After graduating in Graphics, she received the 2nd art emblem from the Iran Ministry of Science and Research. Maryam has been also inspired by the Iranian ori­gins of “Flower and Bird (Golomorgh)” paintings in her works.

In these Projects, she has created some beautiful works by a combination of historical methods of Golomorgh and her creation. She has gone beyond the traditional methods and makes her own style.

She is one of the active members of Iran’s Miniaturist Association, Tehran Visual Arts Association, and Zanjan Visual Arts Association. She has attended more than 20 Iranian painting exhibitions in the valid art museums, galleries, and cultural centers where the most import­ant of which can be considered holding individual exhibitions in Paris in 2009, and exhibition in Istanbul-Turkey 2019, and a live TV interview with Ulusal network Turkey 2019.

She has published her artworks and her ideas in the following journals and books:

  • Publishing an article entitled “Perspective In Designing”, Zangan Newspaper (2011)

  • Publishing an article entitled “Talking Paintings”, Alborz Khorram Newspaper (2011)

  • Publishing an article entitled “Spiral in Miniature, illuminated manuscript”, Mardom E No Newspaper (2011)


1995 | BFA   University of Zanjan – Iran, Graphic



2018 |  Sold record on Iran National Auction

2016 | Winner of Abarat Festival in Flower and Bird, Iran

2011 | Winner of Tabriz National Art Festival in Flower and Bird, Iran

2011 | Winner the 2nd place in the Tavaf ta Velayat National Festival, Iran


Group Exhibitions:

2020 | Luigi Bellini Art Museum and Arte Borgo Gallery,  Florence, Italy

2019 | Art Parisa Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2018 | VIP Group exhibition, The embassy of Vietnam, Iran

2011 | “Flower and Bird (Golomorgh)” Section in 4th Fajr International Visual Arts Festival

2011 | “Flower and Bird (Golomorgh)” Section of International Fajr Festival, Iran

2010 |  17th Youth International Festival of Visual Arts, Iran

2009 | Miniature Section of 2nd International Festival of Visual Arts, Iran

2008 | 72nd Iran’s Miniature Biennale, Iran